Dr. David H. Fisher, Jr.

Learn more about David H. Fisher, Jr., an Optometrist at Dr. David Fisher, Jr. & Associates in Lafayette Parish in LA.

Dr. FisherDr. Fisher has lived in Lafayette pretty much his whole life. He graduated from Acadiana High School and received his Bachelor of Science from U.S.L. (now University of Louisiana).

He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Southern College of Optometry, a private school in Memphis TN. Upon graduation in 1990 he was accepted into a residency/fellowship program in the diagnosis and management of ocular disease in New Orleans, LA (where he met his future wife Nanette Sonnier).

After completing that program, he returned to Lafayette and entered into private practice. Dr. Fisher is a member of the Optometric Association of Louisiana and is a past president of the association. He is a member of the American Optometric Association and served on the board of directors for the Southwest Council of Optometrists. He also served two terms on the Louisiana State Board of Optometry Examiners, twice serving as its president. He is an adjunct professor at Southern College of Optometry, working with interns as part of their final year of formal study.

In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his sons as well as playing music when time allows. His favorite holiday is sort of a tie between Christmas and Mardi Gras. Dr. Fisher and his wife are active in Krewe of Bonaparte, and both have served as royalty. In 2022, he and Nanette were honored as L'Empereur Napoleon and L'Imperatrice Josephine XLV. The family is also active in St. Mary Catholic Church and all University of Louisiana festivities, galas, and sporting events.

He and Nanette have triplet boys, Mason, Evan, and Reed. Evan is currently in optometry school and will join the practice in the next few years.